Tom Cat Bakery began with one Chef's passion for authenticity. We make authentic French, Italian and specialty artisan bread 24 hours a day and deliver it within hours of being baked. We've been doing it for over 22 years, since 1987. Way back then, we started in a garage, and now we have a whole city block under the 59th Street bridge in Long Island City.

Many New Yorkers recognize our delicious baked goods by name, or by our logo — each of our 25 silver trucks has the Tom Cat mascot emblazoned on its side. As a Tom Cat stays awake through the night going about his business, so do our bakers. The logo was adapted by our founder, Noel Labat-Comess, from the design of an original California Sunkist citrus crate.

Tom Cat’s bread is on the tables at New York's Four Star restaurants and its most famous hotels and is also used at leading sandwich chains and sold at some of the tri-state area’s premier retailers. Tom Cat treats its customers as business partners and we earn their trust every day. Our job is to make the customer’s job easier and help make their businesses successful. Tom Cat does not have its own retail outlet because we focus all our energy on baking and delivering the best bread we can. We do partner with most specialty retailers in the NY metro area and you can always ask your favorite store to carry our bread.

Our trucks are on the street from midnight to late afternoon delivering freshly baked products in a 150 mile radius of NY. For those farther away, we do sell fully baked frozen artisan breads which are made with exactly the same process and ingredients as all of our fresh breads. We've selected the most popular fresh breads chosen by Le Bernardin, JeanGeorges, Bobby Flay and other well known chefs, to provide a complete frozen bread solution for bread baskets, table breads, sliced breads, and sandwich rolls. Our frozen customers include national accounts, high end restaurants, caterers, hotels and resorts.  Our handmade artisan baking flexibility allows us to customize any bread for small production runs.

For Chefs and retailers, we offer a vast range of products- baguettes, rolls, sliced breads, batards — more than 400 different breads and sweets every day. We have live customer service and delivery 7 days per week, 365 days per year. All orders are guaranteed accurate and delivered by Tom Cat employees who are part of the customer service team, not outside distributors. We also offer a Five Way ordering solution — Internet, Fax, phone to live customer service reps, email, or a standing order.